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About Eran Building & Remodeling Co.

Started in 1990 as a "spec." home building company, Eran Building & Remodeling Co. was originally known as Eran Homes.

Eran Homes marketing was directed towards the "first time buyer" and "first time move-up" markets, with the goal of providing well built, quality housing, where corners were not cut just to save a dollar.

In addition to maintaining the highest of construction standards, and subscribing to the "Code Plus" theory of building as prescribed by "APA The Engineered Wood Association", Eran Homes also evaluated all other product and materials used by comparing quality vs. price vs. attained value before specifying products and materials used in the building of a house.

As time progressed, and the local market began to change, Eran Homes was being called on, more and more, to perform remodeling related work. Although the scope of work was changing, the standards being used to perform and complete that work did not.

Eventually, Eran Homes became known as Eran Homes / Remodeling in order to reflect the ongoing change in the nature of work. Finally, in late 1997, the name was changed to Eran Building & Remodeling Co., at which point remodeling work became the primary focus of the business.

Today, Eran Building & Remodeling Co. subscribes to the same high standards of quality construction and workmanship as in the past, and all products, not already specified by the client, are evaluated on the same quality vs. price vs. attained value basis, as before.

In addition, Eran Building & Remodeling Co. also builds and remodels within the standards set forth in the publication RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION PERFORMANCE GUIDELINES FOR PROFESSIONAL BUILDERS AND REMODELERS. This publication was produced by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HOME BUILDERS, with the assistance of The NAHB Remodelors™ Council and The Single Family Small Volume Builders Committee.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please call us today at:

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